Welcome Prof. Hongguang Liu, Shihezi University, China to be the Keynote Speaker!

Prof. Hongguang Liu, Shihezi University, China


Liu Hongguang(1980-), doctor, professor, doctoral supervisor, director of experimental Center, college of Water & Architecture Engineering, Shihezi University. mainly engaged in the teaching and research of water-saving irrigation theory and technology, soil salinization treatment, farmland dark pipe drainage and other aspects. The awarded the Medal of Shanghai Outstanding Youth of Xinjiang

Production and Construction Corps, the first Outstanding Youth Innovation Fund of the Corps, advanced Individual in Social Practice of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, editorial board member of the International Journal of Agriculture and Forestry, and reviewer of the Journal Irrigation Science. He has presided over 2 national Natural Science Foundation projects, presided 1 national key RESEARCH and development project during the 13th Five-Year Plan period. In recent years, he has published more than 60 papers, including 7 SCI papers, 2 EI papers, 5 authorized inventions, 11 utility model patents. Won 3 XPCC Science and Technology Progress award and 1 provincial teaching achievement second prize.

Research Projects:

1. Key project of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, research and demonstration of key technologies for water-saving, salt-control and efficiency improvement in severely salinized farmland in southern Xinjiang

2. Undertake the national "13th Five-Year" key research and development project "Salt Control Technology and Model of Water-saving Irrigated Farmland"

3. National Natural Science Foundation of China: Research on mechanism and regulation of water  and salt nutrient transport of Grape in heavy saline and alkaline land

4. National Natural Science Foundation of China: Study on the mechanism of water and salt movement in soil by submembrane drip irrigation drainage technology

5.  Key project of Xinjiang Joint Fund of national Natural Science Foundation of China: Study on response mechanism of oasis salt desertion in Manas Basin under water-saving irrigation

Main Papers:

[1]  Li Xinxin; Liu Hongguang*; Li Jing; et al; Experimental study and multi–objective optimization for

[2]  Li Xinxin; Liu Hongguang*; He Xinlin; et al; Water–nitrogen coupling and multi-objective optimization of cotton under mulched drip irrigation in arid northwest China [J]. Agronomy-Basel, 2019, 9(12): 894.

[3]  Lin En; Liu Hongguang*; He Xinlin; et al; Water–nitrogen coupling effect on drip-irrigated dense planting of dwarf jujube in an extremely arid area [J]. Agronomy-Basel, 2019, 9(9): 561.

[4]  Li Kaiming; Liu Hongguang*; He Xinlin; et al; Simulation of water and salt transport in soil under pipe drainage and drip irrigation conditions in Xinjiang [J]. Water, 2019, 11(12): 2456.

[5]  Han, SQ; Ul Hassan, S; Zhu, YH ; Zhang, S; Liu, HG*; Zhang, S; Li, JF; Wang, ZY; Zhao, C;

significance of activated carbon fiber as cathode in electrofe3+/peroxydisulfate oxidation process for removing carbamazepine in aqueous environment [J].INDUSTRIAL & ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY RESEARCH,2019,10(58):19709-19718

[6]  LiuHongguang, He Xinlin*, Li Jing , Li Fadong , Gong Ping , Zhang Jie , Yang Guang. Effects of

water-fertilizer coupling on root distribution and yield of dense, dwarfed Chinese Jujube (Ziziphus jujuba) trees in Xinjiang. Int J Agric & Biol Eng,2017;10(6):103-114

[7]  HeXinlin; Liu Hongguang*; Ye Jianwei;YangGuang; Li Mingsi;Gong Ping. Comparative investigation on soil salinity leaching under subsurface drainage and ditch drainage in Xinjiang arid region [J]. International Journal of Agricultural & Biological Engineering,2016,9(6):109-118